COLLEN DESIGN — Janice Collén Tkal
Graphic design professional with extensive experience in all phases of graphic design, website development, illustration and marketing. Offering clients a unique ability to synthesize critical information creating new ways of visually communicating a company’s identity, products, and services.
 Jan has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She is a recipient of the "Outstanding Achievement" award from the School of the Worcester Art Museum. Her strong technical ability and imaginative problem solving, combine to create successful and effective design projects. From start-ups to small businesses, and from established corporations to fast paced design firms, her work has earned her loyal clients and their critical acclaim.  
As a member of the Graphic Artist Guild, Jan follows their pricing guidelines and standards.  Please message her by filling out the contact form. Now accepting new clients.
Visit COLLENDESIGN.COM for more information.
This portfolio is password protected and available on request.
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